The DIY, Hidden-Peripherals Standing Workspace

The DIY, Hidden-Peripherals Standing Workspace

We've shared a number of DIY standing workspaces, but Flickr user Evenprimes put together a desk with a hidden compartment for all his peripherals so they're hidden away out of sight. The desk itself is made from pipe and pipe fittings from Simplified Building Concepts, with the rest built out of wood.

The cabinets under the monitor stand house laptops, UPSs, cables, external hard drives and a lot more. Each compartment has a fan in the back to promote airflow, along with some runners along the bottom to keep air flowing under the devices. There's even a switch on the front to turn the fans on and off.

The DIY, Hidden-Peripherals Standing Workspace

The above photos are an early prototype, but Evenprimes is already working on improving the design (including mounting the monitors above the peripherals compartment). You can check out more of the workspace at Evenprimes' Flickr feed below.

Sit/Stand Desk Prototype [Flickr via Simplified Building Concepts]


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