Get Extra Dropbox Space With An HTC Phone

A useful addition to our list of techniques for getting extra free Dropbox space: reader Nithin points out that if you upload files to your account using an HTC phone, you get an extra 3GB of storage space for 12 months.

Mileage on this might vary depending on your model, but if you are already rocking an HTC phone then it's a painless trick to try. (If the phone is running on Vodafone, you can score additional space that way as well.) Thanks Nithin!


    I think it might be for HTC phones running Sense 3.0 or 3.5 only. Doesn't work for my old Desire.

    Didnt work for me. Used my HTC Desire HD to upload a file using the app, thats what we gotta do right? Article doesnt mention the 'hows'. And yes, i have sense 3.0+

    Yep, no changes for me as desire.

    Spoke too soon. Turns out they send you an email with a link to redeem. It gave me an extra 3.25gb. But I think if it has an expiry attached to it, its pretty useless.

    I did the vodafone one and that worked fine. Doesnt look like that has an expiry.

    Nice! That worked well :) Thanks for the tip.

    Worked great for me with my HTC Sensation running ARHD 6.1.0.

    Agreed that the 12 month expiry makes it a but weird though ... I will probably be concious of leaving 3GB free in there now ;)

    Just tried it on my Wildfire S, doesn't work.

    Works on my HTC Desire HD. I uploaded a photo from my phone's gallery to Dropbox and received the extra space shortly after.

    this worked for me the other day, after a dropbox update i just opened it up to get a file on my phone and i got an email saying i had an extra 3GB
    got senses3.0+ and on vodafone so im now rocking 10GB of space for free oh yea :D

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