Vodafone Customers Can Get 2GB Free On Dropbox

We're a big fan of any technique that gets us more Dropbox space, so here's one of note for Vodafone (and 3) customers: you can score an extra 2GB of space by texting the word "Dropbox" to 126222 (Vodafone) or 126333 (3) to receive an upgrade code.

I don't have an active Vodafone account myself, so I haven't been able to test this (or work it if it only works for contract rather than prepaid customers). If you get it in on the deal, tell us in the comments.

[via OzBargain]


    DropBox is so unsecured though...

    I did this earlier. Works.

    Yep. Works.

    I don't use dropbox, so have a free code on me: http://vodafonecustomer.mobi/dboxvf/?k=l8sT

      Could you spare me an extra vodafone promo code?

    Yep, works - Thanks!

    i wonder how many of the codes we can use for one account?

      You can only use one code per dropbox account, but each vodafone user can get 3 codes, so spread the love to your non-dropbox friends with a referral link :)

    yes, it works, even with mobile broadband.

    nice! Thanks Voda! :--]

    works fine on contract with Vodafone :) don't know anyone on prepaid so can't test that side of things..

    Worked for me.. now that I have experienced SplashTop Remote.. I can see all new possibilities of remote access to my files.. since it's free and this adds 2 more gig.. might as well give it a try..

    anyone got a code they can give me cos im not with voda? :)

    Yep, works better than Voda's carrier service

    It works on Vodafail pre-paid. It also works on Lebara pre-paid, who are a Vodafail reseller.
    The problem is that you are only allowed to use one voucher of this type per Dropbox account.
    Still, great value. Thank you Vodafone.

    you beauty! worked. thanks

    So essentially a $2 SIM gives you an extra 2GB of dropbox. Not bad.

    Yep works for me. It's a shame that if you put a semi-big file in your public folder though it seems to take forever to download. Couldn't get anything > 100KB/s the other day.

    Shame it is not for prepaid. Anything that gets you backing up more is a good thing.

      Dave Lord above said it does - but I haven't tried it myself (on a contract)

    Great, thanks! I have 2 voda accounts but could only add onex2g. I'm happy with that as I use it all the time.

    If you want a free 256 mess of storage when you sign up, use this link: http://db.tt/HMKGrtF , also gives me some more space :D ty

    Works on CrazyJohns too...

    Works for Crazy John netwok. Use the Vodafone SMS no.

    Worked for me on Vodafone! Cheers Angus.

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