Does iCloud Suck?

Does iCloud Suck?

Apple’s iCloud is the company’s third attempt at keeping Macs and iDevices in sync via the cloud. But does it really work any better than MobileMe or .Mac? We want to know your experiences with iCloud so far, and what you’ve done to make the service more tolerable if things haven’t been working so well.

From my experience with iCloud over the last few months, I’d definitely argue it’s an improvement. Sync seems to handle conflicts a bit better but I’ve still run into some issues. My contacts, for example, only show up when they feel like it. They’re there, but they only show up consistently when iCloud is disabled.

This is one of a few fairly significant annoyances which I have not experienced with, say, Google’s services (which is why I’ll probably go back to using them for contact syncing again). As a result, I’ve started to wonder if iCloud is just another poor attempt at cloud services? Is Apple just doomed to keep creating crappy online services, or is my experience in the minority? Let’s hear how iCloud has been working for you, and what you’ve done to improve the experience if it hasn’t been so great.


  • Syncing has always worked fine for me, but the absence/pending withdrawal of the iDisk service is a deal-breaker for me. Up until now I’ve been happy to remain loyal to the Apple suite of online services but this oversight and the fact I’m not prepared to move from MS Office to iWork (apps) means that I’m about to get into bed with Google (docs) or an equivalent cloud service. In my opinion Apple have dropped the ball.

    • Seconded. It seems to work just as advertised – useful, but a relatively basic featureset.

      Having said that, I’m a fan of starting off with a solid foundation service and adding features later. We’ll see where it is in a year or so.

  • I avoid it like the plague. Happy with the services offered by a combination of a google login and dropbox.

    Only ever heard curses and complaints from people using it so far.

    • yeah I use google contacts and Dropbox for file syncing.

      I can’t see music syncing becoming a thing that anyone really uses until the mobile bandwidth can really support it.

  • Most people have a ‘cloud’ email service (Gmail, Hotmail, Exchange) so iCloud fills that gap if people don’t (not many though). Otherwise, we use iCloud for Photo Stream (only last 1000 photos though so not permanent storage), Notes, Reminders, Bookmarks and Backup.

    It definitely needs a service like Dropbox.

    • Are you able to back-up anything other than items you have in your “iSuite”. How, for instance, do you back-up pdfs, Visio documents, MS Project Plans? I’m not trying to be smart BTW, I just want to confirm that iCloud can do all of this, like iDisk used to.

  • I’m an apple “fanboi” and a software engineer and I couldn’t figure out exactly what the hell icloud actually was, or how to use it. My parents had no chance.

    For example, in my iphone settings I have icloud and then icloud backup, which seem to be different things. And I know there’s also something to do with syncing, and there’s some sort of equivalent on the mac…. I tried half-heartedly to work out what was being synced/backed up, but really if they’re going to make it that hard, there’s no chance the service is going to be permanent so why tightly couple your data to it? It’ll only lead to a headache when they sheepishly announce iSync to replace iCloud in a couple of years.

    • So true…iCloud is a little confusing and definitely not what a cloud service should look like!

      If more apps plugged into iCloud to store data (eg like Consume), it may be better.

  • I have been unable to get iCal to sync properly with Calendar in iCloud, iPad or iPhone and after hours of frustrating toing and froing had to turn off syncing for all calendars. Can’t understand how Apple could have stuffed this up so badly! And there is virtually no instruction as to how to use it. I only happened on the iCloud website by chance while desperately trying to get my calendars to work. Not good enough Apple!

    • On iDevice #1, under iCloud settings, you put in your Apple ID and turn on Calendars. On iDevice #2, you do the same… Once done, you can also log into iCloud to play with the calendar there…

      I’m not sure you can say Apple stuffed it up as this is how easy it is to get to work for the majority of users… which may also be why there’s little instruction…

      Raise it with Apple, as there must be something else going on here if you’re having that much trouble…

  • Im happy with my WP7 and Hotmail sync 🙂

    Contacts, Calenders, photos etc

    So far has very little issues with syncing & managing documents on the Skydrive

  • Already been said, but I’ll say it, too. Does what it says easily and without any issues — but not a huge beneft, either, given I use Gmail and Gcal for mail and calendars…

    If for no other reason, at least enable it so you can use Find My iPhone / iPad should something ever happen…

  • i use if for contact and calendar sync, seems to work great.
    i dont have a google acct or anything like that.

    after first stuffing it up when changing to sync from outlook to sync with icloud.
    ended it with 2x everything. basically then turned off icloud, deleted contacts and calendars from phone, and then used icloud control panel to move outlook items into the cloud.

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