Plain Cloud Gives You Easy Access To Your iCloud Documents

Mac: iCloud is a handy (and free) way to save documents in the cloud, but Apple doesn't provide an easy way to browse those files on your desktop. Plain Cloud is a simple file viewer that does just that.

Plain Cloud taps into your iCloud account to show you a list of all the items you have stored in the cloud. When you click on a program, it shows you those files in Finder. This includes any documents or save files, but it doesn't include any pictures you have in your photo stream.

Still, it's a handy way to quickly access the files you make on your iPhone or iPad without having to sync them up or use the iCloud web app. You can conveniently edit your documents on your Mac without using an iCloud equipped program, and then save them back into the cloud for access on your mobile devices.

Plain Cloud (free) [Cooking Robot via OSX Daily]


    If your using the iPhone or iPad you can also use The Documents App to access your iCloud files. These can then be accessed from your PC using plain cloud. But you can also create and edit just using the iDevice.

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