Dealhacker: ALDI Waterproof MP3 Player For $40

Part of us thinks that a waterproof MP3 player for $39.95 from Aldi (on sale from Saturday January 28) could be useful. Part of us wonders just how effective the waterproofing would be. Your call. [ALDI]


    One thing that really annoys me is that they should use the term "waterproof"

    Anything you like, you read the standard manufacturers warranty you get with this and it says that any damage by water isnt covered.

    The best example is with one of the Olympus digital cameras they try to flog off as waterproof and shock proof but if your camera is damaged buy those things then magically the warranty is voided.

    Ok, rant over but you kinda see my point, why flog something off as waterproof when the warranty doesnt cover water damag.e

      Sorry, should not use the term "waterproof"

        Im not sure about olympus but im sure the panasonic tough version says that if you are using it correctly and it gets damaged then it is covered under warranty. it could be wishful thinking but hey..

    Who needs it? No one; but would be great for time keeping or binaural beats in a float tank
    At that price you could almost leave it discretely at the bottom of public pool; playing the theme from Jaws so it is faintly audible to everyone there.

    Is it bad that I kinda want one of these to listen to in the shower?

    Who needs it? Windsurfers and small boat sailors for starters.

    @Chris - Im afraid surfers doesn't want those. They'll sink underwater after they surf you know. Not advisable underwater even if its waterproof. I better go on the seaside with my brand new ipod nano that i just bought at

    @Drew, Well I'm buying one today, so I'll report back on how it goes.

    who needs it? people who swim multiple kms at a time.

    Bought one. Tested it underwater. Works fine so far.

    I love my medion underwater mp3 player ! Have used it everyday for the past 2 weeks in the pool for 30 min swims and its fantastic !

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