Dealhacker: Discount Car Charger At ALDI

Tomorrow's notable ALDI tech bargain? $12.99 for a car charger that can handle mini and micro USB, iDevices, the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP. As with other recent ALDI gadget deals, you can find cheaper options on eBay (especially if you only want USB/iDevice options), but convenience will trump that for some people. [ALDI]


    Not worth it when you can get the same thing for <$5 on Ebay. I will admit the cable looks pretty high quality compared to the very cheap ebay ones, couldn't say how many amps the charger is pushing out just by looking at it but I'm sure it's not that bad.

      It's a great buy for those who might have those devices but don't use ebay =P

      I don't use ebay, but that's mainly due to lack of money & a Paypal account ha.

        Similar prices on dealextreme: a usb car charger and the same multi-head cable add up to under $5 with free shipping. It's worth pointing out that the usb cable is power only and cant be used for data transfer.

        Unless you need it immediately it makes more sense to harness the power of the internet.

    Zazz currently has a dual car charger for USB devices and an iPhone etc cord included

    For $19 including postage

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