35 MacGyver Tips In One Infographic

You know how much we like infographics here and this one gathers quite a few of our favourite tips and tricks we've spotted and shared with you over the years, from everyday household hacks to nabbing free stuff.

Although the infographic source is apparently a sketchy adult toys site, TheirToys.com, and the graphic lacks sources, you do get a roundup in one handy chart of these useful tricks we've previously mentioned here or were tipped by Lifehacker readers:

The full infographic can be found on the right. Click to expand or right-click to save to disk and turn it into a poster as a neat reminder of some things you can do to make life better or do things easier:

[via Daily Infographic]


    The resolution is too low, it's impossible to read the text.

      Click on it.

        Yeah I did click on it. I'm viewing this on iPad and iPhone and still low res.

          So zoom in. Seriously, it's perfectly readable.

          do you seriously not know how to use your ipad?

    Quite a few of these are not actually true.

      Which ones? Not saying you're wrong, just curious.

      was wondering if any were untrue - could you point out which ones?

    I can't find a decent resolution.

    The 9 volt battery one if a complete lie, who in their right mind would believe there are smaller batteries in it, when anyone who had opened one would know.

    Who the hell pays for compressed air at the servo?!

    The whole renaming an MP3 as a word doc would not work at TAFE here, I know that.

      The 9v battery into AAAA batteries is correct - tried this before - although i get your note on how this may be useless in real world (emergency use of AAA battery when there is 9v battery doing nothing)

      The pay for air is for US audience.

      The corrupt file trick works ALL the time when i was studying for my Bach/Master degree. Maybe not as easy as renaming file, there are tools out there to guess file content. What i/we did before is to make tiny 'adjustment' to the physical disk (floppy/cd) so the file can't be read properly, yet it looks like accident. Doesn't last long though as submission via internet started - but the idea was there.

    I like the use of your hand as ruler - use this trick all the time. For longer measurements, use the length between your end of middle finger in one hand to the shoulder tips (above arm pit) of the other hand. Most adults have this measured as (about) 1 meter.

    Will defo try free phone charger!

    To help remember bring important things, rather than notes under key chain or in a shoe, put it on the back of the front door (or the main door you use to leave your house).

    I did the corrupt file thing a few times! Got me out of some sticky situations without losing points for being late!

    Last time I checked, the air at our "gas stations" was already free.

      Also, the credit card machine reset doesn't work, and neither does the lift. Believe me, my girlfriend tries the lift trick every time we hop in a lift, and it never works

        Works for me on 8 out of 10 of the elevators I use frequently in Sydney. I guess your girlfriend doesn't have the magic touch.

    The hair loss one is amusing given Proscar is a very potent anti-androgen and will cause, among other things, impotence, breast development and massive mood swings.
    Source? A transgirl who takes the stuff.

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