From The Tips Box: Beard Trimming, Loose Items

Readers offer their best tips for trimming your beard without a guarded trimmer, and remembering to bring loose items out the door.

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Use a Regular Comb as a Beard Trimming Guard

Reader handbra gives beard-rockers a tip to keep it neat without a guarded trimmer:

If you have facial hair (I have a goatee) and forgot your guarded trimmer, you can use a comb as a guard and use the trimmer on the back of most electric razors. Just "comb" your beard and run the trimmer over the comb. It takes a little getting used to, and it isn't the cleanest trim, but you can touch it up when you get through, and is much better than letting it grow out for the duration of your trip.

Leave Loose Items With Shoes For Easy Remembering

Reader Enginerd keeps us from leaving important items behind with this tip:

Going to somebody else's house? Place the things you need to remember in (or on, if this grosses you out) your shoe, such as keys, wallet, or phone. Since you can't leave without your footwear, you're certain to remember these other items.

For those of us that are really forgetful, this tip works at your own house, too.


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