Open A Banana Like A Monkey

There is a strong chance that you've been opening bananas wrong your whole life. Take a cue from our simian friends and start opening a banana with the efficiency of a hungry monkey.

It's possible you've been opening bananas the most efficient way, but more likely you've been opening them—like we have—the completely backwards and frustrating way. Most people start by grabbing the stem of the bananas and using it like a pull tab to get the banana open. This usually works with a somewhat high degree of success, high enough to keep people doing it and writing off the occasional banana opening mishap as problem with a faulty banana and not a problem with their technique. Watch the video below to see a demonstration of how monkeys open bananas:

If you watched the video and said "That's how I do it!" good for you, you're a primate most efficient. If you were amazed by the simplicity of the upside down manoeuvre, congratulations you've just learned a simple and effective way to chow down on your favourite yellow fruit. Have an unconventional technique for skinning, peeling, or otherwise getting at the delicious parts of your favourite foods? Let's hear about it in the comments below.

Open a Banana like a Monkey [YouTube]


    That reminds me - I have to post my video on how to fling poo like a chimpanzee. I'm willing to bet most of you have been doing it wrong!

    this will change my life!

    I'm not hungry, but suddenly i want to raid the fruit bowl just so i can try this... lol

    I'm pretty sure if I was going to make a video where my crotch was in the shot the whole time, I would change out of my pyjamas first.

    hmm. I just chalked up banana opening to be another reason why long nails are a plus. I will have to try this next time I have a banana.

    (what about the black bit at the bottom that most people wrinkle their noses at?)

    heard this on air1 radio. neat trick.

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