The Converted Wardrobe Office

When Lifehacker reader Jason needed an office space, he found one in his walk-in wardrobe. Not only did that make more efficient use of the available space, it also demonstrates the virtues of Google Sketchup for redesigning your home.

Here's Jason's own explanation of the process:

I am a fan of Lifehacker in general, but especially the featured workspaces. They actually gave me the inspiration to do my walk in robe conversion. After my son was born I lost my office (it's now a nursery) so needed to come up with a clever solution in our small two-bedroom unit. This is what we had before:

I mocked up the plans with Sketchup to provide a specification to our cabinet maker:

Given the small shelf above I bought a new PC with a micro-ATX case. That said, it lacks nothing in power (Core i5, 2GB video card, 16GB memory, 128GB SSD and 2TB HDD).


    What happened to the clothes?

      When working from home: not necessary.

      You don't need clothes if you never leave your wardrobe.

      Inspired by this. Time to pimp my walk in wardrobe.

      They converted to a nudist lifestyle, notice the non-leather seat, no problems with the seat sticking to them during summer and cold leather during winter.

    So….. this is how Bogey Man was born

    Still room for clothes. On the right side is my wardrobe with hanging spaceand 3 drawers below and my wife has the left side double doors which has 2 drawers. We moved non day to day stuff like coats etc to a hallway cupboard and got rid of some accumulated junk.

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