Inside Ninefold’s Carefully-Labelled Office

Inside Ninefold’s Carefully-Labelled Office

Australian cloud provider Ninefold doesn’t have a massive office, sharing space with its parent company Macquarie Telecom in downtown Sydney. But its space does have a distinctive visual identity, as well as the essentials for any tech-centric company: a well-stocked fridge and a spare server awaiting installation.

Ninefold’s lower-case logo is clearly on display on partitions throughout the office area, and the same style is used to label the various meeting rooms. On a sunnier day, I suspect the view would be rather more impressive. Also: Milo.


  • I’m sorry, but this is news? There are many better small IT companies with far more interesting office, this just looks run of the mill to me and looks like an IT company with a rather influential marketing department..

  • Honestly? It looks like any one of a dozen government departments and other offices I’ve seen in the last twenty years, right down to the vapid slogans in pearl-and-clear window tint. Maybe the carpet is half a quality notch above average, but that’s about it. The whole thing looks like it was put together out of a rather boring and conservative catalogue.

    It’s not actually terrible-looking per se – the whole thing co-ordinates like a pinstripe suit – but it really comes across as a company which has long ago settled into grinding out endless tweaks on cash cow products automatically, rather than something producing cutting-edge services.

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