Has Ice Cream Sandwich Hit Your Nexus S Yet?

If you want a brand-new phone running Ice Cream Sandwich, then you can choose from a stack of carrier deals for the Galaxy Nexus. But if you picked up its predecessor, the Nexus S, during its brief period of availability from Vodafone earlier this year, you might also be in luck.

Reader James tells us that he's already been offered an update to Ice Cream Sandwich on his Nexus S. However, his partner, who also has the same phone, has not, which suggests the rollout is being staggered. Have you seen the update appear yet? Tell us in the comments.

Speaking of all things Vodafone and Galaxy-related, it's worth pointing out that Vodafone has dropped pricing on the Galaxy S II, making it available with no additional handset charges on its $29 plan. That sale runs between now and Christmas Eve. Thanks James!


    My wife and I both have a nexus s. She got the update this morning. I haven't. Kind of glad about that. The update wiped all her contacts from the phone. Anyone know how to retreive them?

      Did she have her contacts synced to her gmail?

        Not sure, but her gmail account is gone too.

          Go to System Settings -> Accounts & Sync

          Is her Google account there? If not, hit "Add Account" and add her Google account again, it'll pull in her contacts from the cloud.

          If it is, hit the account, and make sure "Sync Contacts" and "Sync Gmail" is ticked.

            Thanks Sam,

            Now she has to remember what her gmail account was.

              I've only ever done an OTA update once before (I usually use custom ROMs) - but from memory it does prompt you that any data saved to the internal phone memory (i.e. NOT the SD card) will be lost. Having said that, most data is sync'ed with Google's servers anyway - so when you add your Google account during the one time set up after the upgrade, most of your data should be pulled back to the phone anyway.

                We've got the gmail account back, but no contacts. Can't find any "Sync Contacts" or "Sync Gmail" to tick.

                  It's just an update though, it's odd your contacts wiped.

    Heh - it hit mine about 3 weeks ago thanks to XDA ;)

    I'm still waiting anxiously for my update on my Nexus S

      I just got my icecream sandwich this morning :)

    Yep, got the notification yesterday and upgraded in a few minutes. A couple of things didn't work (a widget and a live wallpaper) but everything else looks great! :-)

      Got my update @5 am. Awesome 4.0.4

    I got my Nexus S from Crazy John's in November, updated to ICS yesterday. It's awesome!

      Did you receive it OTA or install it manually?

        i'm also with crazy johns (unfortunately) and i'm still waiting! did you manually install or did you just update from the notification?

          OTA. Notification appeared on Sunday morning.

    Bronx scored an update yesterday... It looks sexy, just as Brox does to his fans!

    Found the OTA update on sunday morning. Only updated on Sunday afternoon. Everything updated and synced perfectly. Especially digging through the settings I quite like the threshold internet warnings you can set. I don't seem to be able to exclude Facebook and other social media though, something google might want to consider since a lot of carriers offer unlimited social networking.

    I also like the new panorama option on the camera function. Regarding the battery live I do not dare to make any statements since I haven't tested this in any rigorous way, it seems to be similar as on 3.2.6 (that is disapointing).

    Manually updated it on Saturday. It's awesome

    Got update yesterday. Works well. Wonder why there's no Face Login for Nexus S! And still no zoom on the camera! Third party apps offer zoom.

      There is no Face Recognition because of the low res of the front facing cam. it isn't high enough res to be reliable enough to work.

    Did mine manually the day after i picked up the galaxy nexus. I had been running various xda versions for the last few weeks. Its amazing how well it handles on the Nexus S, for the price you can pick them up they make probably the best budget handeset going round.

    My mother and myself both have a Nexus S and both of us are still waiting.

    I got a little impatient yesterday and installed it manually last night. My bootloader no longer works, but at least everything else on my ics works and my angry bird high scores are still there. :P
    I’m a Nexus S user on the three (Vodafone?) network

    Both my wife and I have the nexus s from vodafone. She got the auto update notification on 3 days ago. Not me; manually uploaded and we've both been running it happily for a couple of days. Like most things but wish there were alternatives or the ability to make changes to the lockscreen.

    Updated it manually, could not wait for the OTA. Incredibly smooth and awesome, 10x better than gingy.

      what do you mean by 'updated manually?' how do i do that??

    how comes some people got it and so not?
    mine Is still 2.3.6 and system is up to date why?
    I got mine from vodafone Australia

      Prsumably to make sure there's not too much impact on Vodafone's network - if every Nexus S owner downloads a ~100mb update all at the same time, it's gonna put a LOT of strain on a network already feeling the pinch...

        Do i need to have a vodafone sim card in my phone?

          Don't quote me on this, but I'd say no - I'm pretty sure that particular bit of information is stored in the phones memory, not the SIM.

          Having said that though, if you're not Optus/Telstra/other network - watch out for carrier charges, I think it'd be unlikely that the OS update would be unmetered...

    I got the update on my Nexus S yesterday. So far, I'm in two minds about the update. Biggest disappointment is the removal of the silent shortcut from the lock screen. Also, GO SMS doesn't assign contacts to senders, but I suppose that will come with time.

    Other than that, my phone's speed and battery life seem to have improved, which is definitely nice. The iOS style app folders are also a nice additional.

    My wife and I brought a pair of Nexus S prepaid from Vodafone for AU$269 each last week. Unlocked out of the box and got the ice-cream sandwhich update 19/12 am. Installed very smoothly. Didn't loose a thing.

    I have the update, it downloaded but is nowhere to be seen. Am I doing something wrong?

      same thing happen to me @Sam ...

      I had the same experience. I downloaded, then told me that there were no updates available.

    i did have the update in the notifications, i clicked it, it started downloading then is disappeared and its saying that my device is up to date and im still on gingerbread! wtf! i tried checking for updates in the settings but that didnt work. frustrated!

      Yeah, same happened to me. Seriosly, the f`?

    Hi same for me. The download happened OTA it verified the download then asked me to confirm install and restart of phone. There was a countdown from 10secs to allow me to cancel the install if I wished. After 10 secs it just switched to my home screen. No install or restart of phone happened. And it still on gingerbread buy says my system is up to datr

      That's exactly what happened to me. I manually restarted after downloading to see if it would update but I still have gingerbread :(
      Maybe it's today's update gone wrong? I am only seeing people complain about the non-install after download starting today (20th dec).

    Ditto. Downloaded the update, verified and restart countdown then returned to the main screen. Still running gingerbread and a massive anti-climax!

    Since tried the manual update, now its stuck on the warning triangle.


      Same again. Downloaded, prompted me to reboot, but instead just displayed the screen saying 'your system is up to date'.

        Happened the same to me.. Please post us if you have successfully resolved the issue.. ill also do the same

    Bought my Nexus S in April on a Crazy John's (Vodafone) Contract - still on 2.3.6 and phone is content that it's up to date ;) I think not little fella! Looking forward to the upgrade (when it appears!)

      Ice Cream Sandwich has just landed today! But my 3g seems to be offline! Doh!

        3g was offline thanks to Onavo updating my Access Point Names (APN) to try and block data access. APNs updated and all is working well :)

    I got update on my mobile but after downloading its nt working

      I had the same problem.. its stop installing updates after downloading... any idea...?

    Woke up Sunday lunch time with the notification to update waiting for me.
    Imported my Nexus S at the start of this year. I'm on a Telstra pre-pay.

    Didn't lose anything and everything work's perfectly.
    Loving ICS!

    The only thing i am having trouble with is the GPS voice, it has changed from a female voice to a male. which is fine. the volume of the voice is much louder than before, this i am glad about, but...
    it does swap back to a female voice probably once in every 10 - 15 directions and the female voice is a lot quieter.
    it's very frustrating, as i use navigation to get to 20 - 30 different places a day.

    Other than that, Not a problem.

      Google Maps Navigation has a built in pre-recorded spoken directions is uses to supplement its text-to-speech directions (i.e. for generic directions like "In 200 metres, turn left" instead of "In 200 metres at Smith Street, turn left").

      Having said that the built in text-to-speech engines are woeful - jump on the market and download SVOX or Ivona Voice - both leave the default engines for dead.

    Interesting reading for those having problems with the OTA ICS update -> http://www.xda-developers.com/android/unbricking-the-nexus-s/

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