Dealhacker: Cheap Galaxy Nexus At Vodafone

Dealhacker: Cheap Galaxy Nexus At Vodafone

It’s a low price on what’s still a good Ice Cream Sandwich phone: Vodafone has the Galaxy Nexus in its online store for $29 a month on a 24-month contract, with no extra handset charges. There’s also one month free, so the total cost of buying is $667.

When the Galaxy Nexus launched in Australia last December, Vodafone was charging an $18 a month handset fee, so the price drop has been rapid. You don’t get a lot of credit on a $29 plan (and a minimal 200MB of data), but it could suit some people. The offer runs until June 28.

Vodafone [via Vodafone blog]


  • There is also a current under the table offer available at vodafone select stores where you can get the nexus gs2 or sensation xl on the 49 cap with a $10 monthly discount ($39 for $550 calls and 1gb). This is to compete with
    the virgin

  • You are also able to get the nexus, galaxy s2 and sensation xl on the 49 cap for 39 a month. It is a great deal targeted at competing with virgin. Just ask about it in a store.

  • I used iphone 3 and Iphone 4 – then switched to Nexus. I’ve concluded that Samsung phone/quality is pretty average, and android has some features I prefer over ios, but the interface, and excution of some functions are cumbersome, overall, IOS and iphone is by far a better phone! Waiting for iphone 5 and I’m back to apple.

    note. Im a windows user, by no means an apple fan at all. Hated apple, but love the iphone.

    • In what regard is the quality poor or the OS cumbersome? In my experience this phone is the perfect optimisation of design and functionality (for phones at the moment). What don’t you like about stock ICS? I can only fault the lack of the ability to scroll through a contact list,rather than remembering all of your recipients when you group txt. Other than that stock ICS is beautiful and flawless. Sure multitasking could be better but it is no worse than iOS or windows (it is better IMHO). And compared to ICS, iOS looks child like

  • Just a note to anyone planing to buy it and use on anaother network

    1)The unlock given by vodafone, although free, has issues and sometimes it re-locks and you have to wipe the phone before you can unlock it again with the code (happened to me), bloody annoying.

    2) Also even unlocked you are stuck on Vodafones update schedule meaning you have to wait for vodafone to approve an android update before it goes ahead. Currently on 4.01 even though 4.04 has been out for months and other vodafone phones use it (like HTC One X).

    3) 24month warranty is NOT transferable so if you sell it you can only transfer the 12months Samsung warranty.

    4) You can get a fully unlocked australian version delivered for about $410 online (topbuy or kogan).

  • Just canceled my crappy voda 3g simcard and got the deal with virgin.
    Can replace my current nexus when I drop it again and use the sim in the tablet.

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