ACMA Plans Major Inquiry Into Phone Company Customer Service

ACMA Plans Major Inquiry Into Phone Company Customer Service

It’s no great revelation that telephone company service often sucks. Now the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is launching a major inquiry into just why so many companies are so awful when it comes to dealing with their customers.

ACMA chairman Chris Chapman says the inquiry has been triggered by the growing number of complaints to the TIO

The trend-line growth and sheer quantum of complaints about complaint handling and customer service —up to 900 every working day—reflects poorly on the entire industry. Whether this is evidence of a failing regulatory system or just a perception of that failure, I now believe this issue has to be confronted directly and urgently otherwise we will be talking about these same issues for years to come.

The first stage of the inquiry will involve direct communication with telcos, but I’d expect some form of public comment to be incorporated at a later stage.



  • I could write pages and pages regarding my last 3-week outage on my Telstra home phone… but I’ll keep it short. Telstra, please get rid of overseas call centers whose only interest is closing tickets down faster than SLAs demand.

    Look up the “Customer Service Guarentee” and check out the Telstra conditions… what a joke.

  • That’s great news, but what I can’t understand is why telecos customer service is so universally bad.

    In the UK the picture is entirely reversed – telecos (especially mobile phone networks) have amazing customer service. I’m not saying that their staff don’t occasionally make mistakes, but whenever you have to deal with a call centre or the staff in a shop they’re falling over themselves to help you and keep you a happy customer. They also tend to have a lot of special offers for loyal customers who stick with the same network over a long period

  • Seriously, do you honestly believe that the telco executives are going to give the time of day to ACMA investigators? That’s laughable, ACMA is a joke.

    They are the most reactive government department out there. When I heard that they are pushing for a five-year DNCR registration instead of three (only days before the expiry) it just highlighted to me how ridiculous they really are.

    Mark my words, there will be a whole lot of talk and not a single action. And what’s worse is that our tax dollars are paying for this!!!

  • I agree with Jonathan. ACMA is a joke. Just another example of tax dollars down the drain.
    Either close it down or actually do what you are being paid to do…take action. Enough of the talk already.

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