Simplify And Automate Private Browsing Mode With These Browser Extensions

Simplify And Automate Private Browsing Mode With These Browser Extensions

If you’re sick of manually opening links in private browsing mode, Firefox and Chrome extensions will get you in with some quick shortcuts.

Private browsing mode is great for all sorts of things, but it isn’t exactly the easiest option to use — you have to open it manually, manually paste in any links you were viewing, and so on. Inspired by this post on AddictiveTips, we went on a search for any extension that would make private browsing less of a pain — and here’s what we found.

Chrome: Use Incognito Mode For Certain Domains, Remember Incognito Tabs For Later

If you’re a Chrome user, you have quite a few good extensions available. The simplest is the Move Current Tab to Incognito extension, which does exactly what it sounds like. That means if you find a link you want to open in a private browsing window, you can just open the current tab in an incognito window and click the link for history-free browsing.

What’s even cooler, though, is the Ghost Incognito extension. This lets you define certain domains that always open in incognito mode, no matter where you open them from. By default, it comes with all .xxx domains blocked, but you can use it for anything, whether you’re trying to hide your Twilight fanfiction obsession or keep all your Amazon browsing private before Christmas. If you’re a Reddit user, you might also want to check out this extension, which opens all NSFW-tagged links in an incognito window by default.

Firefox: Open Links In Private Browsing Mode

Open in Private Browsing Mode

Got any other extensions or tips to make private browsing a bit more convenient? Share them with us in the comments.


  • Hang on a minute, in Chrome you can just right click on the link, and the third option is “Open Link in Incognito Window”. How is that difficult? (It irritates me that Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + LeftClick doesn’t do this, but rather opens and foregrounds a normal tab, but that’s a different issue.)

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