Incognito Filter Automatically Opens Specific Sites In Incognito Mode

Incognito Filter Automatically Opens Specific Sites In Incognito Mode

Chrome: Sometimes, you have a site that (ahem) you always want to visit in incognito mode — yes, even if it isn’t porn. When you want to be sure a specific website always opens in Chrome’s Incognito Mode, Incognito Filter can help.

After you install the extension, you can add sites by either clicking on the button in Chrome’s toolbar, or by opening the extension’s settings panel and adding them manually. The button also gives you the option of opening a black Incognito window. From then on, those sites will always open in Incognito Mode, so they never go into your browsing history or leave cookies on your computer.

Incognito Filter [Chrome Web Store via AddictiveTips]


  • I use Incognito when reading “The Age” to get around the paywall (which was apparently written and tested by people who aren’t familiar with porncognito mode).

      • Shhh! The first rule of Fairfax pay walls and Incognito mode is to not talk about Fairfax pay walls and incognito mode.
        Right now they are probably working on a fix!

  • +1 I do the same with SMH. When they brought in their paid subscription model, I said… erhm…. I don’t think so!

  • I’ doing vulnerability testing. yes. All working fine..

    To be honest, it looks more like a bridging solution until they manage to secure the sites completely with a proper subscription model.
    They don’t want to lose the large online audience by shutting them out all together, so still allow the transition to paid subs, by keeping the teaser element in.
    I’d anticipate this will get plugged in due course – and then I’ll have to rely on the ABC to provide me with impartial, professional reporting instead of the emotionally charged hyperbole I’d become addicted to.

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