Lifehacker Awards 2011: Best Mobile App Nominations

Throughout this week, we're collecting nominations for the Lifehacker Awards 2011. The first category where you want your thoughts today: mobile apps.

In many cases, the beauty of a mobile app is that it works in conjunction with desktop and web apps. We fully expect apps that fall into that area to be nominated, but we do want you to focus on apps that you find particularly handy, and which you use regularly, in their mobile incarnation. We're not concerned about platform, so regardless of whether your favourite runs on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, WP7, Symbian (or all of the above), tell us which mobile apps you think deserve recognition.

Don't forget you can also offer nominations in our best domestic airline, best desktop software and best ADSL/cable ISP categories, and there'll be more categories to nominate in throughout the week before voting starts on Monday November 21.


    Lockinfo for jailbroken iPhone.

    This app allows you to have your day's agenda (being appointments & tasks) on your lock screen. It means you just have to glance at your phone to see whats next instead of fiddling about unlocking, opening/closing the calendar, opening/closing your task manager app (e.g. ToDo, Toodledo etc).

    My favourite apps: Simplenote, Dropbox, Evernote, Reeder, Tweetbot, Instapaper, Instagram, RunKeeper...

    Soundhound, Winamp, Tasker, SwipePad, SwiftKey X and Launcher Pro (although I think I'm going to change with its lack of updates)

    Also, I haven't used this one much yet but I plan on it, is Gigbeat. Check it out, maybe even feature it. It scans your music library and location and tells you of upcoming gigs and festivals in your area based on your music library. It's awesome and all with a pretty interface.

      I've had something similar for a couple of years called Bands In Town.
      It has allerted me to a couple of great gigs I might have otherwise have missed, but it really only picks up the better-known acts.

      I'll def check out Gigbeat. Thanks for the tip!


        Having just launched the app it seems to have gotten a lot better.

        Heaps more gigs than there used to be,

        Bandsintown - worth a look.

    DeskSMS for Android. Although it's as much browser plugin as it is mobile app I'd recommend people try it out

    Cocktail Flow for WP7
    Such a beautiful looking app. Really need to check it out to see how glorious it is.
    Plus, the information it gives is awesome =D

    My iPhone app nominations:
    SaiSuke (calendar app)
    Pocket Weather (no relation)
    and, if I could nominate only one:
    Daily Tracker

    Pulse for iPhone, WP7 and Android

    go launcher ex. beautiful, versatile, simple, good inbuilt task killer, good widgets, decent themes, amazing.

    IOS: Stanza, Read it Later, Goodreads, Soundhound, Pintrest, Foxtel Guide.
    Android: Go Launcher EX, Read it Later.

    I am really loving Skype for Android lately.

    Titanium Backup, Launcher Pro, WiSync for Android, Google Goggles,'s iOS app which is excellent, and Dropbox.

    can't live without Simplenote

    Can't live without Aldiko reader. Dropbox, Poweramp and Quota are really good ones I install and suggest to all my friends

    EasyProfiles for Android.

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