Lifehacker Awards 2011: Best Desktop Software Nominations

Throughout this week, we're collecting nominations for the Lifehacker Awards 2011. The first of our categories today: desktop software.

Desktop software covers a wide range, from office suites to design software to file syncing to browsers. (The one area we would exclude is operating systems, since that's an entirely separate discussion.) Despite the proliferation of mobile devices and the rise of browser-based apps, most of us still rely on desktop software to get through our daily workload. But what stands out as the best of the best?

Whatever your most useful piece of desktop software is, tell us and tell us why in the comments. And don't forget you can also offer nominations in our best domestic airline category.

All week, we'll be asking for nominations in additional categories relating to technology, organisation and productivity — so keep tuning in to see when you can nominate your favourites. And make sure you're back when online voting proper starts next Monday.


    Evernote. Sure I use outlook and Firefox, but I could find alternatives for them, but I've tried a few others that purport to be like Evernote, and they just aren't.

    I put forward Chrome Browser due it it being very fast, easy to use and it gives me internet.
    Also Dropbox. I wouldn't get anything done without it.

    Cute Reminder! This would have to be the program I use constantly throughout every day. I would be lost without it! It allows me to set reminders, open web pages at a set schedule, jot notes (as "sticky notes"), and record "ideas". Cute Reminder sits unobtrusively on the screen edge with only a small bar visible until it is touched with the mouse pointer. Brilliant program!

    +1 for Chrome

    Google Chrome browser.
    Just makes browsing at home & at work better.
    With the extensions, syncs and games, can't go wrong.

    I know Firefox has extensions and sync as well but I find chrome a lil bit better when it comes to the overall package of speed,stability and usability.


    Best utility I use all the time to sync my media on my computer with my hard disk XBMC...



      The programs I have open at work may vary, but notepad and putty are always there.

    Garageband and Logic studio - Mac

    So far I have not seen any music composition / production software that is anywhere near as capable and easy to use as these.
    (On OSX and Windows)

    Lets see some of the apps I have open - all excellent: Chrome, Nomad.NET (file browser), KeePass, Skype, FileZilla, WinMerge, RJ Edit, Cobian Backup, Team Viewer, PicPick (screen utils), IZarc, and dare i say MS Security Essentials.
    And a few more ideas... Handbrake, PDF-XChange, LibreOffice, BurnAware free.


    XBMC, Notepad2, OpenOffice/LibreOffice, Google Apps For Your Domain.



    Chrome & Steam get my votes

      No to Steam, I reckon automatic disqualification for this year's award if your site gets hacked :-)

    PortableApps suite combined with DropBox


    Dropbox for sharing
    Firefox for web development, Chrome for web browsing
    OneNote for anything and everything. You use OneNote and Dropbox together and your whole f**king life is so simple. Just search it on youtube you won't be disappointed
    Notepad++ for general programming
    Microsoft Security Essentials because it's so awesome, you don't notice it at all, it's free and it works better then other bloated anti virus programs (Norton, avg, avast, etc...)
    uTorrent for torrenting, duh
    7Zip for compressing and decompressing, much better then winzip or winrar
    DVD Shrink for burning movies
    Fences to make the desktop actually useful, within 2 minutes of using this i could tell i would be using it for the rest of my life
    ImgBurn for iso files
    Prey so if my laptop get's stolen, i can pinpoint the thief, i tested it on myself, still can't figure out how it got my location
    VLC for playing anykind of media

    My top 5:

    Digsby - It's got so many things wrong with it, but for someone with a dozen IM accounts, half a dozen email accounts, facebook, twitter and linked in? It's the smoothest way to manage the process I've found. If AVG Multimi spread to a few more networks and did IM better - it might take the prize.


    They all do one thing better than any of the alternatives

    Almost impossible to narrow it down but I thinnk the most useful for me these days is Dropbox - It's efficient, free (for me), easy to use and the synchronisation with so many of my mobile apps makes it the thing I use most in one way or another

    Alfred - app launcher for OS X, makes life so simple to find files and launch apps. You can also customise it to make web-page queries, and even tweet all from a desktop shortcut.

    Chrome for sure. It's the first thing I download when I am setting up a new computer.

    Evernote. I was lost without it when I couldn't install it on my phone for 2 weeks. Makes things so easy to store and remember. Searching facilities are excellent, especially when using tags.

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