Lifehacker Awards 2011: Best Mobile Broadband Nominations

Lifehacker Awards 2011: Best Mobile Broadband Nominations

Throughout this week, we’re collecting nominations for the Lifehacker Awards 2011. The second of our categories today: mobile broadband.

What options do you use for mobile broadband? There are some fairly obvious contenders in the form of the major telcos, but also less apparent choices. Last year, using McDonald’s was a popular choice, for instance. Whatever your preferred source of mobile broadband, if you think it deserves a spot in our final poll tell us in the comments. As with ADSL/cable ISPs, we’re running this category in conjunction with our sibling sites Gizmodo and Kotaku.

Don’t forget you can also offer nominations in our best domestic airline, best desktop software, best ADSL/cable ISP and best mobile app categories, and there’ll be more categories to nominate in throughout the week before voting starts on Monday November 21.


  • Telstra NextG – in rural areas (or anywhere outside the CBD) its range and speed is leaps and bounds ahead of the other carriers. In some places NextG is the only network that will give data capabilities (Looking at you Hobart). Pricing has also become much more competitive this year too, particularly prepaid.

    • +1 to that.
      I used a Telstra Elite Wifi modem on my recent holiday in the Daintree and was amazed by the performance! My first hands-on experience with Telstra’s network and very handy to have in an area where I knew not to expect coverage on Optus (my phone network) and Telstra’s coverage maps looked patchy.
      Upload speed in particular was impressive.
      Vodafone 850MHz could take out the years best deal for 2011 (I think it’ll clog up though as more people get 850MHz handsets).

  • Telstra. It works wherever I need it to.
    My argument, why have a mobile dongle or Mobile phone that only works in the places where you already have internet or landline access. I want regional area access. Also blanket coverage inside buildings.

  • Internode, $60 for 12gb. If i go over i don’t get charged any extra, it just cuts off. It’s on a rolling contract which means i can exit the plan at anytime i want, i’m not locked in for a certain amount of time. i can downgrade or upgrade the amount of downloads i want.

    it’s awesome and it’s one of the only wireless sticks that gets a signal in my house

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