Lifehacker Awards 2011: Best Security Suite Nominations

Throughout this week, we're collecting nominations for the Lifehacker Awards 2011. Our final category where we want your suggestions: security suites.

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Malware developers are becoming ever-more cunning and professional. Taking a sensible approach (not clicking on suspect links or answering spam) will eliminate many obvious threats, but to ensure your system stays untouched, a good security suite is essential. What's your favourite? Tell us in the comments to help us build our list of nominees for next week's voting process.

Don't forget you can also offer nominations in our best domestic airline, best desktop software, best ADSL/cable ISP, best mobile app, best mobile broadband and best web app categories. Voting starts on Monday!


    I have used a few different ones in the past of the free kind.
    Cant really say much for paid ones.
    But out of all the ones I have tried Panda, Avast, Avira and AVG, its avast all the way. Kaspersky is still on its way form lifehacker comp a little while ago...

    Avast does not seem to slow down the pc, easy to config, turn on/off and set up. The only annoyance is the person speaking really loud early in the morning when the check is done... but you can turn this off too(which I did).

    I'm happy just with the free Microsoft solution in Windows 7.

    It works, it doesn't get in my way, it doesn't have annoying pop up dialogs.

    Can we vote for the WORST security suite?
    Anything named "Security Suite". Norton - I'm looking at you.

    The only two tools you need (for Windows anyway) are Microsoft Security Essentials and 21st centry common sense.

      I was put on to G Data Total Care and haven't looked back. Easy set up and covers a broad area of needs and protection, saved my goose a couple of times.

      McAfee – haw haw haw haw haw!!

    Security suites are a waste of time for the tech savvy person. Nothing but a hog of resources. Or just run linux?


      Linux is as vulnerable as anything else and 0-day vulnerabilities for Linux takes longer to patch than Windows or Apple.

      Not everyone on your network is "tech-savvy" so security suite is a necessary evil, even though it is just another layer of barriers for hackers.

    I have tried and used many products.
    Domestic and if you are a Windows user, MS Essential Security will be my nominee as it is free, quite efficient and quite sufficient for the purpose.
    Commercially, I will nominate Trend Micro Business Worry free Security because it is less of a resource hog and because of the bundled Hosted Email Security Service for that extra layer of security.

    ESET NOD32, but normally just running a malware scan every week is enough for people who don't go on clicking every link they see

    Comodo Internet Security.

      I use CIS as well, but it started to get all naggy on me a few weeks ago (Defense+). So I completely uninstalled it and installed the latest version, nice and fresh. Less nagging, but now there's this annoying GeekBuddy that seems to want to pop up all the time. Go away GeekBuddy!

    Mac OS X xD
    Seriously though, I like Microsoft Security Essentials, because it just sits there and works. But I also like Norton's 360, it's very useful for a family computer with its defrag cycles automatically and the like.


      A security suite should include both a firewall and virus scanner IMO, not just a firewall.

    Having been a long time user of Comodo, Avira & Avast, I took an opportunity to but a Norton 360 3 pack for $30.
    I have to say I have been extremely impressed. It picked up viruses Avira & MSE missed.. It's footprint is negligible, and doesn't impact resources at all.
    Big 360 vote for me.

    Norton Internet Security 2012
    Kaspersky Internet Security 2012
    ESET Smart Security 5

    They're all light, well designed and have a good success rate. ESET Loses points for price, Norton for interface and Kaspersky for licensing.

    I'm still a big fan of NOD32 anti-virus. It's light on resources and not a bloated mess like some other packages.

    Paid : Norton Internet Security 2012

    It doesn't slow my PC, it doesn't nag me and it just works. Never had any virus, worm etc on my PC since I started using NIS a couple of years ago.

    Free: MS Security Essentials
    (I use this on Windows 8)

    Using Vipre antivirus, something new :)
    But satisfied with its lite footprints and no security issue for past 1 year.
    only 13 mb install-shield.

      i've also tried Vipre and was quite impressed.
      but i'm using MSE right now.

    Trend Micro Maximum Security

    Avast! Free & Malwarebytes Anti-malware
    Both have extremely low memory usage, lots of features and are easy to use!

    norton 360 : very good
    bitdefender: very good
    panda GP2012: problems with install (seems to work) , no that good support
    ESet:Good, although some issues with slow support
    Bullguard: crappy support , constant problems,
    Avast Free :good
    Comdo Free :good
    MSE: average in my opinion
    Malware antimalwarebytes: good
    Panda: good
    NOTE: all "purchased versions" were the full security suite I tested.

    Greetz, Peter

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