JB Hi-Fi Saturday Sale, 9AM To 5PM Only

JB Hi-Fi's having one of those sale things today, starting from 9am and ending 5pm today. The news was sent out via the company's newsletter, but it's also painted in bright yellow and white on their website's front page and, no doubt, advertised in-store.

You may have noticed it's 11:30am already, so that's two-and-a-half hours of sale time gone. Fortunately, That still leaves plenty of time to pick something up, even if you hadn't planned on shopping today. So, what products can you save on? Here's a list below, as supplied by the customer mailout:

  • Soniq 42" Full HD LCD TV only $399! (Home delivery not available)
  • Up to 20% Off TVs!
  • Up to 25% Off Computers
  • 20% Off DVD & Blu-Ray Movies
  • 20% Off Music CDs & DVDs
  • Up to 50% Off Hi-Fi
  • X360 4GB Console only $199! (In store only)
  • 30% Off Car Audio
  • Up to 40% Off Portable Navigation
  • 30% Off Logitech Mice, Keyboards, Webcams, Headsets, Docks & Speakers

I'm not up on the quality of Soniq screens, but $399 seems like a reasonable deal to me for a 42" LCD. Let us know what you might be grabbing today before it all ends at 5pm.

JB Hi-Fi [Official site, thanks Danny]


    Just a note on the xbox360 4gb console, Harvey Norman has it for $10 cheaper.

    the computers include mac? 25% off the top iMac would be a sweet deal

      I didnt ask when I was in there but I extremely doubt it. If they have 25% off Mac it would be massively below cos I suspect.

    They had this Soniq for this price about two months ago. Good price now as it was then, but I'm guessing it should come down further in the near-ish future.

    Most bricks and mortal retailers in Australia at least, make well under 5% profit on mac hardware. They don't actually cover the cost of the display space they take up. Fortunately, mac buyers usually don't just buy a whatever from the store - they buy peripherals and shiny crap and all the junk that goes with their ipad/imac/itv/etc. And that junk has a massive mark up on it. Also, apple shoppers tend to be cashed up gadget freaks - and generally worth having in your store - hence the retailers continuing to stock those product lines.

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