JB Hi-Fi One Night Sale On Wednesday

JB Hi-Fi is holding one of its periodic single night sales today, with store shutting at 5:30PM and then re-opening from 6:00PM. Notable options include 20% off CDs, DVDs and games, 15% off cameras and computers (other than Apple, which only gets 10%), and 20% off GPS devices. Is it too early to start Christmas shopping? [JB Hi-Fi via OzBargain]


    I find that you can haggle the discounted amount on any normal day for anything but DVDs/CDs and games. I'm sure haggling off the discounted amount would be difficult!

      Indeed. Managed to knock $20 off a printer before I even realised I was haggling.

      For the more expensive items, sure, but can you do that with DVDs and CDs? (That's not a rhetorical question - I've never thought to do it myself and am genuinely curious!)

    Honestly, I've never shopped for any big ticket items from JB HiFi yet, so I can't say this is based off experience - but I have heard it said its not too unusual to see ticket prices creep up prior to sale like this (offsetting the 10%) - so best advice I can give is go before normal closing hours, pick out what it is you're after, and get a photo on your phone of the price to bring back with you when you come back during the evening sale.

    JB-HIFI usually sells big items at RRP, you would be unwise to go into a shop for a big ticket item without first being aware of the RRP. Knowing this you can easily get 20% off RRP on big ticket items from many retailers any day of the week. If one won't give it to you another will. A good example is apple products where the RRPs are widely known and publicised.

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