Google Movies Lists Screening Times At Nearby Cinemas

I'm sure this isn't a new feature, but bizarrely Lifehacker has never mentioned it: if you go to, you'll get upcoming show times for movies in your area.

Lifehacker reader Joshua pointed this out, noting that you can bookmark the page for an easy listing of movies playing near you. Google makes an educated guess at your location, but you can also change it for more specific details. Thanks Joshua!


    Awesome! My friends and I go to the movies almost every week, and I would usually do an advanced search on to get the session times. However, they did an upgrade recently and now the advanced search always returns a 404 error - I wanted to send them feedback to say "hey, you broke it" but couldn't find a link.

    I guess it's Google from now on - far easier!

    I think I've been using this since about 2004. Definitely in 2005.


      Using it since about 2008 for me...

      Exactly, this is definitely extremely old news.

    I noticed it the first time yesterday too, it seemed new.

    I'm pretty sure I was using this feature when I went to see the opening night screening of of "Gone with the wind"


    Very Good - at first it showed Sydney CBD - then I went google search Preferences and entered my address in Location and now it is my local cinemas

    Any other such URL options in google?

    I work in the call centre for one of the major cinemas and it's alway a pain when people just google session times instead of going to the website. They always end up with outdated info, I guess because Google doesn't index the site frequently enough.

    This looks like it's all up to date and correct though, so hopefully people will start using it more.

      I think a lot of the cinema sites are so image or Flash heavy that they're useless as a quick reference, particularly if you're on a mobile device. That may have changed, but they lost me years ago.

    Been using this for years.

    "I’m sure this isn’t a new feature"

    You're right, it's not.. but it's awesome nevertheless. :)

    "I’m sure this isn’t a new feature, but bizarrely Lifehacker has never mentioned it"

    Probably because it's been around longer than Lifehacker has existed.

    Yep, Bing does this too.

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