Google Play Australia Now Selling Movies

Buried amongst Google's Android 4.2 and new Nexus announcements this morning was a change in the Google Play store for Australians: you can now buy movies outright as well as rent them.

Australian Google account owners have had access to rental movies since April this year, but buying wasn't an option. That has now changed, with to-buy options launching in Australia today (as well as Canada, the UK, France and Spain).

Both standard-definition and high-definition downloads are available. For new releases, SD costs $24.99, while HD is $29.99; older releases can be had for less.

No sign yet of Google Music for Aussies. However, that is rolling out in Europe on November 13, so we can hope that Google will eventually organise Australian licensing deals as well.


    $30 bargain. Btw your email address is up there.

    I'll stick with Netflix at those prices.

      Indeed.. even Apple store pricing is cheaper than this..

    Desperate for music

      But will the catalogue be any different to the others? In Europe there is very little company-to-company difference, but the country-to-country differences are huge.

      Last edited 30/10/12 8:57 pm

    Ill stick with going to the movies on a tuesday for $10 rather than pay $30. Nice to see movie companies still trying, as ever to fleece us for $30 for a digital file.

      But most of the online stores - Google, Amazon, Apple, etc. take a 30% cut. I used work at Big W. DVDs never had more than a 5% markup - and a large section of DVDs were sold at a $1-$2 loss - to get people into the store. Take the 30% off, and the HD digital file is $21

    Is anyone actually going to pay those prices..?

    Way to deter piracy!

    It costs $24.95 for the SD version, but I can buy the DVD version from JB for $19.95. That is not a good deal.

    The HD version is better priced, but only because the Blu-Ray version of this film seems to be ridiculously overpriced right now ($38.98!)

    Be curious to know the file sizes of the movies. In the Apple store a feature length HD is around 4.6GB and SD I think was around 1.5GB to 2GB.. quite large really.. it's another thing to consider..

    Online video purchases really need to drop the prices a bit if they want people to start using it, and also combat Piracy.

    Recently upgraded my android situation while travelling in Germany and got quite excited about the idea of thumbing it to apple and getting my music sorted through google, It looked even better when the prices were generally cheaper than itunes... but then without a connection in Australia, even if I can use european credentials, it seems pointless. I dont know what the problem with Australia is! Why are we paying so much more for content? Why are we getting screwed out of resleases?

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