Watch Google Play Movies On Your iOS Device With The YouTube App

Watch Google Play Videos on Your iOS Device with the YouTube App

Google Play doesn't make it easy to watch content on non-Android platforms, but if you've purchased movies on Google Play and want to watch them on your iPhone or iPad, CNET has a workaround. All you need is the YouTube app for iOS.

Install the YouTube app, sign in with your Google account and navigate to Menu -> Purchases. You will see all the movies you purchased on Google Play there. Just tap to watch the one you want. Neat and easy! Now if only there was a way to get iTunes purchases on Android...

How to watch Google Play videos on your iOS device [CNET]


    i came accross this problem and i found this answer on a no name site.
    there is one problem though it will not allow you to push the movie to air play ( at least for Ultra Violate copies)

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