Google Play Starts Offering Movies In Australia

Google Play Starts Offering Movies In Australia

The Google Play brand looked rather pointless when it first rolled out in Australia, since it offered neither movies nor music. Google has now rolled out movie rentals for Australian customers,

Rented movies can be watched via your browser, or through dedicated Android phone and tablet apps. New release HD movies are $6.99; new release standard definition titles are $5.99; older library titles are $4.99 in HD or $3.99 in standard definition. Once you rent a movie, you have 30 days to start watching it, and then must finish watching within 30 hours. You can also download movies to your device, so you can watch them without a connection.

Rent thousands of full-length Aussie and global films on Google Play and YouTube [Google Australia Blog]


  • Same price as iTunes, then. You would have thought they’d try to undercut them. Personally more interested in buying them outright so I can watch/convert/stream them at my leisure.

  • So very close, but still so far.
    If it was a flat $2, maybe as much as $3 per film. With 2 days to watch it then i would be mcuh more likely to use the service. I dont need 30days grace to start watching it, i cant see people essentially pre purchasing and then deciding at the end of the month they actually want to watch it.

  • How does this compare to competition? Well, in the U.S and Canada, I got unlimited streaming movies for $8 per month. Compare that to $6.99 for a single movie, and it’s pretty obvious why piracy is such a problem. I am an Aussie, but have family in US and Canada, and that’s how I found the prices.

    • I’m presuming you’re referring to Netflix? In my experience, there are quite a lot of movies no offered on Netflix that I’d like to watch, but are available on pay-per-movie sites (like Google Play.)

  • Yeah, why would I want to virtually “rent” a movie when it’s available either for free from Bittorrent / my cinephile friend, or available for $5 overnight from my local video store (which is just around the corner)?

    You can buy music outright on iTunes (well, sort of?), so why not movies? If I could own some of my favourites without having a disc laying about, I would.

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