Apple Planning Black Friday Sale For Australia

The day after Thanksgiving is usually deemed 'Black Friday' in the US, with major discounts at most retailers. Apple is importing that concept into Australia, promising discounts on iPads, iPod and Mac products this Friday (Australian time) through its local online store.

No pricing details as yet, but if you were thinking of buying someone an Apple-related gift, waiting until Friday would seem wise. I suspect there'll be a few enthusiasts constantly refreshing the store site from 00:01 that day.

Apple [via OzBargain]


    Let me guess, they'll drop the prices to the price that JB et al sell it for.

    well, damn. I just ordered $10k of ipads and macbooks yesterday.

      Shoulda gone to JB. $10k sale, they'll drop their pants quicksmart!

      unlucky. dont worry, youll still have fun with your 2 new macbooks and 3 new ipads

        I've recently decided to stop being an anti-fanboy (realized it's essentially as pointless and dumb as being a drooling Apple devotee), but gosh darn if this didn't make me laugh out loud.

    Also borked on lifehacker - see kotaku comment. Or, it could be my iPhone, hmmmm
    Bork, bork, borkedy bork of linkedy links from mobiley version of borkedy commenty entry (or next pagey-wagey) links.

    This isn't new - they had the black friday sale in Australia last year.

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