Apple Australia Black Friday Sale 2012 Officially Confirmed

We're seeing a weird (and unpredictable) knock-off of US Black Friday/ in the form of Click Frenzy. Apple meanwhile is repeating its habit of the past couple of years and having its own Black Friday Sale on November 23. If previous experience is any guide, it won't be anything to get too excited about.

When Apple staged a similar sale event last year, we were largely underwhelmed by what was on offer. In particular, the discounts that Apple offered on iTunes cards and Mac models were actually weaker than the bargains you can score elsewhere throughout the year. As we've often pointed out, 10 per cent off sales for Mac gear occur regularly at other retailers, as do 25 per cent off deals for iTunes cards.

That doesn't mean you should totally ignore the sale if you're in the market for some Apple gear, but don't fall for the hype and assume that the deals are actually the best ones you can get. Do your research. Smart shopping involves more than just rocking up for a single-store sale.

Apple AU Store


    Dear Apple,

    In Australia, "Black Friday" is used in reference to one of the worst bushfires in Australian history. It may have been long ago, but we get reminded of it every Summer. For reference, please see the ABC and Wikipedia:

    I understand that it means something different in the US of A, but the world is full of places with different traditions. Fuck you (and anybody else pulling the same stunt) very much for turning a day of tragedy into a commercial frenzy.



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      Dear you,

      If you looked, you'll notice that Apple haven't said "Black Friday" once on their website. They're calling it a "One-Day Shopping Event"

        Granted, but search "Black Friday Australia" and the vast majority of results pertain to this retail frenzy.

        I do get emotional about this kind of thing, so perhaps I came on a bit strong. And it's certainly not something that is limited to Apple. However I feel that Black Friday is an important historical incident and I feel the same about the commercialisation of ANZAC Day and Australia Day.

    So does the 25% off apply to Samsung as well? If it does, they'll only have to pay $786,750,000!


    You might notice that the actual Apple Australia site doesn't reference "Black Friday" at all and that this article only referred to the event being our version of the sale that occurs in the US.

    It doesn't look to me like they have tried to use the term "Black Friday" for any type of commercial frenzy in Australia.

      True in terms of the text, but the URL does end with 'bf-teaser'.

      They don't need to - search "Black Friday Australia"

      :--[ it just makes me sad to see history hijacked in the name of turning a profit.

        Erm, they aren't hijacking history mate... get off your high-horse. Do you really think the term "black friday" is meant to be in any sort of association with the bush fires?? Really?? The term has been around for the US sales event since the 60's and refers to retailers getting "into the black" ie making a profit. So yes it's commercial, but I bet you don't work for free, but it has NOTHING to do with any friggin natural disaster. Do some reading - you might learn something.

    I searched... Your point?

    I can't see anything from Apple there.

    That is exactly the reason Apple doesn't call it the Black Friday Sale.

    Perhaps you should change that from "Dear Apple" to "Dear Lifehacker/Gizmodo"
    It is only news sites referring to it as a Black Friday Sale.

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