Coworking Is Better For You Than Previously Thought

We've covered the benefits of coworking — the practice of sharing an office with random strangers rather than working by yourself at home — before, but a new European survey shows that the concept might be better for you than previously thought.

For example, 93 per cent and 86 per cent of people say their personal and business circles have grown, respectively, and 76 per cent say they're more productive. More importantly, 88 per cent said their isolation has decreased, which probably influences their productivity (and happiness). A good chunk of people even trusted these strangers enough to leave their stuff there unattended, because 96 per cent of them thought community was an important value among coworkers.

As to why they chose to stick with that coworking spot, 81 per cent said they liked the people, 61 per cent said it was the location and 46 per cent said it was the price. And surprisingly enough, the average worker rated their coworking space a 8.4 out of 10.

Keep in mind that the magazine Deskmag only talked to 1500 people for this non-scientific survey, so the results are probably skewed a bit. Nevertheless, these are pretty high figures pointing to a nice benefit for working together rather than alone. Here's a directory to help find a coworking center near you.

First results of Global Coworking Survey [Deskmag via Gigaom]


    Nooo, I like working from home

    Working from home is awesome. With the exception of a very few, I think all other human beings suck. Why would I want to be near them, or they me?

    ^ you are the 7-14%

    Those poor cows! Getting orked all the time by these coworkers can't be pleasant!

    I can imagine that networking opportunities would increase, but working in an office with other people seems like a great way to _decrease_ productivity if your work requires long stretches of concentration and minimal interruptions.

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