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How Have You Made Your Home More Livable During the Pandemic?

At the beginning of what would become this pandemic, we were all in some pretty blissful denial about the permanency with which we’d be stuck at home. Schools, offices and other businesses closed, but only for a couple of weeks at a time. Worst-case scenario, we thought, the kids would…

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Reduce Computer Screen Glare by Working in a Box

Inevitably, at some point in the afternoon a few days every week, my son pops into my office to ask if I’ll come work outside in the backyard while he plays in the inflatable pool. Does he ask me to do this on cloudy days? No; cloudy days are not…

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Create a Shared Virtual Office to Collaborate With Co-Workers

Those of us who are fortunate enough to have the option of working from home are now several months into this new lifestyle. Like a lot of things, there’s the good (no commute!), the bad (competing with other members of your household for flat surfaces to use as desks), and…