Chrome Turns Three (And Lots Of Us Are Using It)

Chrome is celebrating its third birthday this week; yes, it has been three whole years since Google decided to stir up the browser market. And guess what? Chrome is now the most popular browser choice for Lifehacker readers.

Over August, Chrome was used by 30.3 per cent of our readers, just ahead of Firefox on 28.9 per cent. Next up was Safari on 16.8 per cent, and then Internet Explorer on 15.6 per cent.

A year ago, the numbers were somewhat different: Firefox was on 39.5 per cent, Chrome on 25.2 per cent, Safari on 15.7 per cent and Internet Explorer on 14.8 per cent. So Chrome has clearly grabbed the attention of many Firefox enthusiasts.

The other big growth area was the Android browser, which now accounts for 3.2 per cent of our visitors. The Safari numbers include Mac, iPhone and iPad; in August, Macs accounted for 10 per cent of the Safari total. (Overall, 20 per cent of our readers use Macs, which shows that half of them are ditching Safari for a better Mac browser.)

Picture from Google Chrome Blog


    I don't see what is better about chrome over safari in Lion. The interface isn't the most obvious and its certainly doesn't seem any faster.

    They're both based on Apple's Webkit so it's pretty much a moot point.

      Most Apple users can tell the difference between a lot of things. Don't worry you are not alone.

      There's much more to a browser than the engine it runs...

    Chrome is amazing, converted me from being a longtime FF user.

    Only thing that makes me sad is the occasional website that gives me a "Chrome not support on this webpage".

    At work everybody always asks why is chrome so great so I:
    1. Click on IE shortcut
    2. Click on FF Shortcut
    3. Click on Chrome Shortcut
    4. Watch as Chrome opens up straight away
    5. Watch as FF opens a couple of seconds later
    6. Go and grab a drink while I wait for IE to load

    I keep telling myself I'm going to ditch FF for Chrome, but then I never get around to it. Yes, it's faster, yes it's lighter on resources. I know this. I've used it. But it's not what I'm used to.

    I'd look at how much memory FF is using and tell myself "that's just not good enough".
    If I was still on my old rig I'd be using Chrome almmost exclusively by now. But it's never caused me any problems on my newer machine, so here I am, stuck with the old faithful, just because I'm used to it.
    Oh, and the new Grouped Tabbing in FF is brilliant! (So long as memory use is not a concern.)

    I can't make up my mind between Chrome and Safari. I'm constantly switching back and fourth.

    Yep but most government websites don't like it

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