Coworking Directory Wiki Helps Find A Coworking Centre Near You

If you've been considering a coworking space for an affordable and social work environment, the Coworking Directory Wiki can help you find one in your area, whether you live in New York City, Tokyo or Sydney.

The directory is self-maintained and managed by the people who live and operate coworking centres in each of the cities listed. You don't have to live in a major metro area to find a coworking centre near you either: the wiki has listings all over globe, from Australia to Europe to South America.

If you find your city, or a city near you, just open the entry to read about coworking locations in your area and who manages them. Usually you'll find email addresses so you can reach out to ask about desk or office rental spaces, or instructions to just drop in. In many cases, you'll also see how much a flexible or permanent desk will cost you to rent.

Coworking Directory Wiki


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