Optus MeTV Is A FetchTV Service

We've known for a while that Optus was planning to offer its own version of the FetchTV platform, and it finally goes on sale this week. For $9.95 a month (over a 24-month contract), you get a set-top box with a one-terabyte hard drive and the ability to schedule recordings across FetchTV's channel suite.

Optus says the basic service charge of $9.95 a month will be "credited back" if you sign up to its $109 a month phone and broadband bundle. You also have to pay a $35 set-up fee. Additional on-demand movies are the usual FetchTV prices ($5.95 for new releases, $3.95 for older titles), as are additional channel packs for kids, music and documentary ($6.95 each a month, and you can switch them on or off at will).

The main service goes on sale later this week; the minimum connection speed is 3Mbps, which might knock out a lot of regional customers. Mobile apps to control the platform are promised in November, while existing Optus services such as Go Places and Smart Safe will be added to the set-top box at a later date.

Tempted by this as a cheaper alternative to pay TV? Prefer the deals from FetchTV's existing partners such as Internode or iiNet? Share your reactions in the comments.


    At $9.95/month, it's a fairly cheap way to get a digital PVR, regardless of what else they offer.

    The price is attractive enough for a digital PVR - but the reality is that when I had foxtel, I watched discovery, showcase, sci-fi, fox 8, TV1 and sometimes the music channels. I'd pay $20 a month, without the PVR, happily to have those channels. But the FetchTV channel offerings, or the price of foxtel, just aren't selling me, and aren't likely too.

      I totally agree with Scootah on this one.

    It's an attractive price but I wonder if this will be excluded from the monthly data cap or if it'll cut into our already miniscule download allowances.

      It's unmetered, so it's completely separate from your data plan and uses up no download at all.

        If the user has Optus broadband then usage will be unmetered however if it is some other service provider than data will be used.

    I guess it might be a start. Still Netflix is pretty epic in comparison.

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