Internode Now Selling FetchTV

After several months of trials, Internode is now making the FetchTV TV-over-the-Internet service generally available to its customers. The pricing is virtually identical to the existing FetchTV offering from iiNet: $29.95 a month for the full service, or $14.95 a month for the 'lite' version.

Those monthly prices assume a 24-month contract; you can also purchase the set-top box outright for $399, and then access the full version for $19.95 a month or the lite package for $5.95. (Note that if you're not on an Internode-supplied ADSL2+ option, only the lite version is available.)


    This sounds great until you find out that you need to have an internode owned port at the exchange to get it.

    Mine is Telstra wholesale so it's no FetchTV for me :(

    Can you use it with a HTPC?

    @Boothy You can still get Fetch TV 1 with iiNet on a Telstra resold service.

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