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EzyFlix.tv is the latest digital entertainment service to launch in Australia. With no monthly fees or contracts, offline playback, the ability to buy titles outright and over 2000 titles at launch, it has one of the most impressive feature sets on the market. But will it be enough to entice pirates to become law-abiding consumers?


Foxtel has officially launched its long-promised Foxtel Play service, promising no-contract pay TV through your internet connection. But which channels are excluded, how much bandwidth will you chew up, which channels can you watch for free, what devices will be supported in the future, and is it worth it? Find out with our exhaustive guide.


Telstra has announced a new range of bundled telephony/broadband plans that provide access to 11 Foxtel channels on T-Box, plus free mobile calls/data on select Telstra plans. Prices start at $115 per month over 24 months.


Foxtel has launched a new internet delivered TV service dubbed Foxtel Play in a bid to make further inroads into the lucrative IPTV market. The new service will be available for a range of TVs, consoles and mobile devices, including Android handsets. Better yet, it requires no lock-in contract to join.


Foxtel has outlined the pricing for its Foxtel on Xbox 360 AFL broadcasts, which let you watch matches live through your console. It's not cheap, but it is cheaper than getting a full-blown pay TV subscription.


We've known for a while that Optus was planning to offer its own version of the FetchTV platform, and it finally goes on sale this week. For $9.95 a month (over a 24-month contract), you get a set-top box with a one-terabyte hard drive and the ability to schedule recordings across FetchTV's channel suite.


This week, IPTV service FetchTV is adding the YouTube on TV interface, making it simpler to browse YouTube videos via your TV set. That's just one of a host of new options FetchTV is planning over the next year, including a full HD channel, access to iView, iPhone and Android apps and lots of other goodies.


After several months of trials, Internode is now making the FetchTV TV-over-the-Internet service generally available to its customers. The pricing is virtually identical to the existing FetchTV offering from iiNet: $29.95 a month for the full service, or $14.95 a month for the 'lite' version.


The idea of Internet-based TV services is not a new one, and the arrival of options such as Fetch and the T-Box means that it's now something most people in Australia can access pretty readily. But does anyone actually give a damn?


A government review looking into how convergence will affect the media industry has just finished accepting submissions on what it should investigate, and unsurprisingly the existing free-to-air networks are pushing for a reduction in their licence fees, given the range of competition they now face. But is the problem as bad as the networks make out?


iiNet has added a second bundle to its FetchTV TV-over-the-Internet offering. It's only half the price of the original FetchTV package and doesn't require an ADSL2 connection, but you miss out on monthly access to 30 free movies and the "on command" library of watch-on-demand shows..


Foxtel today launched its Foxtel on Xbox 360 service, which lets you access the pay TV channel via an Xbox 360 console without needing a set-top box. While the basic $20 a month price might sound appealing compared to full-blown pay TV, there's a big risk involved, as Foxtel doesn't have any unmetered partnerships with ISPs.


If you like watching music videos online, but the poor quality of YouTube makes you sad, you may want to check out newly launched site Movideo. They're advertising "near DVD" quality (PC Authority's writeup said you can get full-screen full-screen 16:9 playback up to 720x405 and audio bitrates up to 192K) putting it below HD quality but a fair whack better than YouTube.

You'll see from the screenshot under the cut that they've got links at the bottom of the screen if you want to buy a download of the song from Telstra, or a hard copy version through J B Hi-Fi (or ringtones, although we don't encourage that). They do show ads in a separate screen, but not before each song - looks like you'll get an ad for every three songs or so.