GQ Sends Musical Shivers Up The Spine

GQ Sends Musical Shivers Up The Spine

GQ Magazine recently put the latest issue of their mag on newsstands with a new feature — an integrated audio chip and speakers embedded into the magazine spine that plays a message from Usher.

Now, if this feature was used to play a song it would be cool, Instead, its purpose is to encourage you to buy a special edition (Belevere)red limited edition vodka, where 50 per cent of the profits are sent directly to The Global Fund which helps finance the fight against AIDs in Africa.

I like the idea — it’s a great cause — but I wonder if it will actually work for its intended purpose. It would be much more fun if was like the Boonie and Warnie figures sold with VB beer a few years ago. You walk past the mag and it tells you to buy it and donate money to the cause or a gangsta rapper will put a cap in your ass.

What else could this be used for? Is there a way to hack mag and get it to say something more interesting?


  • As an episode of ‘Gruen Planet’ pointed out, it’d be much better to support the charity directly w/o having to purchase a product where a percentage of the proceeds go to charity.

    Back to the subject, I have to say that it’s an unusual way to sell something – especially vodka. In my opinion, the promotion is cool but I think the message will be easily forgettable.

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