Stop Shaving Cuts With Mouthwash

Stop Shaving Cuts With Mouthwash

Blood dripping down your face from a shaving cut? You can make it stop with nothing more than a little mouthwash.

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GQ points out that the alcohol in mouthwash acts as an astringent, which causes tissues to contract and hence reduces blood flow. Deodorant is another potential option that will be handy in your bathroom, but mouthwash is arguably easier to dab on, especially if your deodorant is an aerosol. Hit the post for other suggestions on how to quench the flow.

How To Stop A Shave Cut From Bleeding [GQ cross-posted on Business Insider]


  • Serious question, who actually cuts themselves while shaving? I remember I did once when I was just a wee fella and in a rush, but seriously, if you take your time there’s no way that a safety razor could cut you. Cut throat on the other hand, one bout of surprise hiccups and you’ve accidentally decapitated yourself.

    • my fiance, does it all the time. even i do it if i shave my legs. my fiance has issues if ingrown hairs and pimples. thats why,

  • Many people cut themselves when shaving, I use a single blade safety razor and each time I change the blade I get 2-3 days of nicks and cuts from the super-sharp blade.

  • That advice would be useful if there were any alcohol containing mouthwashes left. Alcohol in mouthwashes was ruled as evil some time ago. At least here in Australia…

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