Would You Use 'Scrotox', The Botox Injection For Your Scrotum?

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I know it's early on a Monday morning, but we've just discovered Scrotox, a procedure that involves injecting Botox into men's scrotum to smooth out the wrinkles down there. Apparently Australian men are flocking to get this procedure done. Here's what you need to know.

To elaborate, Scrotox is a simple procedure to shoot up Botox, a common neurotoxic protein used for face wrinkles, to iron out the crinkles on their ballsacks. It also purportedly has the added effect of making the testicles look bigger and can reduce sweating (no more schweddy balls).

I've heard about Botox being injected in all sorts of ridiculous places, but this one takes the cake.

According to a report by GQ, Scrotox, which costs several thousand dollars, is becoming increasingly popular around the world, including in Australia where a number of cosmetic surgeons are offering the procedure.

I took a straw poll in the office to find out if anybody is remotely interested in Scrotox. Male respondents just cringed at the idea of having toxins injected between their legs. As for the ladies, none of them seemed to care much about wrinkly ballsacks.

In the words of a male colleague: "It's like giving the Elephant Man a makeover. Why would you bother?"

We want to throw this question to our readers: Would you consider Scrotox? Or would you recommend Scrotox to your partner? Let us know in the comments!



    You had me at "No more sweaty balls!"

    It's been a thing for ladies to get it down there for years.

    I can't imagine being vain enough or stupid enough to risk anything being injected into my nutsack. It's wrinkly for a reason gents, leave it the hell alone.

    Last edited 31/10/16 10:16 am

    Who needs April Fools Day anymore!!! Fools find more and more ways to part with their money.

    Aren't the muscles (?) in the scrotum fairly important in maintaining correct temperature? Surely injecting botox to paralyse them would severely impede that function (if not stop it altogether).

    wouldn't they fell bigger in your jocks?
    can you then ride a bicycle?

    This is as pointless as "man-scaping" or, TBH, "lady-scaping". And anyway, who wants a needle poked in their balls?

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