Chop Tomatoes With Kitchen Shears For Less Mess

Chopping fresh or canned tomatoes with a knife on a cutting board works well, but can leave a mess afterwards with tomato juice and seeds to clean up. Real Simple magazine's web site suggests using kitchen shears to cut tomatoes directly into a measuring cup or other vessel to avoid the mess.

We've previously covered how to mince herbs using a similar method. When your marinara sauce is simmering, mince your basil and add it at the end just before serving for the strongest basil flavour.

New Uses for Office Supplies [Real Simple]


    People make fun of me but I always use scissors to cut home made pizzas into slices.

    If you do not need to drain the tomatoes you can save even more mess by cutting them in the can they came in. I open the tin, put my fingers in the kitchen scissors, insert the scissors into the tin and randomly scissor away like mad.

    Buy tinned chopped tomatoes!

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