Mince Herbs Quickly And Cleanly With Scissors, Drinking Glass

If you're looking for a quick and mess-free way to mince kitchen herbs, a pair of kitchen shears and a drinking glass make short work of it.

Cooking blog TheKitchn highlights a simple way to quickly mince herbs without making a mess, having observed the following technique during a cooking class:

She put a handful of tarragon leaves in a tall glass, then used kitchen shears to snip the leaves until they were minced fine. The glass held the leaves compressed in a small space, so it was easy to cut them up. The sharp scissors also did a much better job of cutting the herbs finely than a rougher knife would have.

When they were done they scooped the herbs right out and stuffed them into the poultry they were preparing. If your herbs are destined for the pot you might copy Mark Bittman and snip them with scissors right over the pot you're cooking in.

A Faster, Easier Way to Chop Fresh Herbs [The Kitchn]


    Is the internet trying to send me a message today? www.gizmodo.com.au/2010/10/why-are-the-effects-of-marijuana-so-unpredictable/

      LOL flintoast

      Mince herbs quickly .... Mull herbs quickly. Next Lifehacker article will be how to build a bong out of a coke bottle, a garden hose and some alfoil.

    A coffee grinder does a great job of this too! (Many stoners will attest to this)

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