Free Capital City Wi-Fi Courtesy Of ANZ

WiFiCoffeeThere's plenty of ways to access free Wi-Fi, but a new one is always welcome, so a promotional campaign from ANZ to offer freebie access in some cafes and other locations is good news for road warriors.

Picture by ahmedrabea

As Mahesh Sharma at The Australian reports, ANZ will be offering free Wi-Fi through selected cafes in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne over the next three months, as well as a free service in Melbourne's Southern Cross station in November and on Sydney ferries in January. There's no obvious link to the list of free locations on the ANZ site that I could see, but there's a list of locations from its promotional partner Cafe Screen on its own site.

Cafe Screen [via AustralianIT]


    Capital cities already have numerous places where free wi-fi is available. I wish someone would create some hot spots in more regional areas.

    Banks should put wireless internet in their ATMs.
    They're already connected to the net and could offer their customers free wi-fi if they're near an atm.... patent pending!

      What could possibly go wrong with putting internet access in an ATM? :D But on a more serious note, wifi via ATM has been provided before in the UK.

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