What Would You Like To See From Windows 8?

Microsoft is gearing up to pull back the curtain on Windows 8 at their BUILD developer conference this week, meaning we'll likely know a lot about what to expect from the next version of the popular operating system by the end of this week. But forget what Microsoft has planned; what do you want from the next version of Windows?

If Microsoft wants to avoid another Vista, they'll need to make sure that Windows 8 does a little more than slap a few Metro-style tiles on your desktop. It seems very unlikely that Windows 8 won't be an improvement; they're focusing on faster boot times, rebuilt system applications, new, solid-looking built-in apps, and, of course, a whole new look.) With that in mind, though, we want to hear what you'd love to see updated, improved, fixed, added to, or removed from your operating system in Windows 8 in the comments.

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    One thing that bugs the hell out of me is the single pane only, 'file browser'! I know there a plethora to choose from, but they could easily make 'Explorer' dual pane, I just don't know why they haven't done it?
    Also it would be nice if they could upgrade NTFS, it's getting kind of stale. They were toying with a new system before 7 came out but they dropped it, because it was to much work, I think! #}

      Vista even was originally going to have WinFS if I remember correctly, it certainly does seem time to support something new though.

      What do you want in the second pane that the layout options don't provide now?

    How about a copy command that doesn't stop dead in its tracks when it encounters an error, but rather continues with all the selected files and just keeps a log (or shows a dialogue box) at the end of the process. I hate setting up a huge copy job overnight only to find that it has stopped part of the way through, waiting for me to click "skip" or "okay".

      +1!!! Now that you mention it, it is a HUGE problem!!

      They've actually done heaps of work on the copy dialog:

    Windows 8? You guys are living in the past, I'm up to Windows 95 already.

      wow... back to the future !!

    Less "Nanny" security would be a HUGE improvement. Or at least the ability to switch it off completely. Also a reversion to the old style of networking as per Vista/XP. This homegroup sharing crap has been driving me insane since the release of Win7... I've developed workarounds through researching the issue on the net.. but really, why should I need to spend hours trying to find a way to connect my older WinXP PC to my newer Win7 PC and so on.

    Yes, "Nanny" security is great for people who don't know anything about computers and I agree that it should be ON by default.. but there needs to be a way to completely remove it if it is unwanted.

      “Nanny” security

      You can set the UAC to never notify if you like

        I think what light487 means is the security regarding file sharing, not programs accessing your computer.

        Especially when it comes to sharing files/folders with multiple computers with/without passwords.

        I can access my files on XP machine because the username and password is identical, but can't access them on a Vista machine. If I turn on password protected file sharing, I can then access the files (through a password on the Vista machine), but on another XP computer, they won't be able to print.

        They need to rethink the whole Homegroup, networking, and file sharing approach to allow more configuration options, and to simplify sharing.

    It would be nice to have an operating system that takes care of itself in the background, so you can concentrate on the job at hand e.g Internet security, that updates and cleans without asking, fixes registry problems without fuss, complete updates without fuss, defrags, basically keeps it in top shape. I know people want to have more control and know whats going on but it gets tedious after a while.

      Defragging has been a background task for about a decade now. Internet security + AV is handled in the background. The main problem is managing the cruft and updates of third-party software (especially Adobe and Apple ware). Microsoft doesn't have a great deal of leg-room to manage this especially as they've been told time and again by regulators that they shouldn't stick their fingers into this stuff in the way that people adore Apple for doing.

    The ability to give your OS a persona and eventually turn it into your girlfriend.

      Bahahahaha that's the best laugh I've had all week!

      Thanks dude

    A UNIX kernel would be good :)

    At home: better sharing and backup of data between home machines. Combine the low-power ARM processor compatibility of Windows 8 with relevant tech from Windows Home Server to make a home server that backs up and shares my data across my home network and also online (either directly from my home or via a hosted/cloud service).
    Let people sign into my PC with a Live/Bing/Hotmail/WhateverMicrosoftCallTheirOnlineServicesNow account without having access to my resources).

    At work: Make the tablet version so good that it kills the bloody iPad. Produce an enterprise-grade app store. Apple don't play in that area and I would love to have software licensing/deplopyment managed by the OS.

    Improve battery management on laptops

    No ribbons, no libraries, no home groups, more tiles. And get rid of the borders around programs in windowed mode, its a waste of pixels.

    Fix the Explorer folder refresh bug so that copies, moves, deletes etc are reflected in real-time. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-files/windows-7-does-not-refresh-folder-views/9d1ede23-2666-4951-b3b9-b6c1ce3d1ebf?page=31&tm=1315925828254

    It should be free & awesome like the Ubuntu OS.

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