First Look At Windows 8’s New Interface For Tablets And PCs

First Look At Windows 8’s New Interface For Tablets And PCs

We’ve been excited about the upcoming Windows 8 for a long time, and today Microsoft demonstrated some of the very Windows Phone-like interface overhauls coming to both tablet and desktop computers.

The biggest change in Windows 8’s new interface is a start page that takes the place of the Start Menu, using the tile-based Metro UI that Windows Phone users have come to love. From there, you can quickly launch full-screen, HTML5-powered apps, switch between them, and even snap them to the sides of the screen for true, side-by-side touch screen multitasking.

Your desktop apps won’t be going away, of course. If you’re running Windows 8 on a desktop PC, you can head into the familiar Windows desktop and run your usual apps in windowed mode. It’s a bit unclear exactly how this will work, and this is a pretty early look at the OS, so things could change, too. But, as Microsoft’s Director of Program Management mentions in a video preview, you’ll be able to use Windows 8 across all machines, desktop, laptop, and tablet. Check out the video to see more, and hit the link to read more details about the upcoming version of Windows.

Previewing ‘Windows 8′


  • they might as well call it Windows Tablet – that isn’t going to be nice to use on a desktop with a mouse

    hopefully that tile sh1t can be disabled and you can revert to a normal desktop – otherwise i’ll be skipping another release of Windows like i did with Vista

    i don’t see corporations rushing to put a tablet OS on all their corporate workstations either

    • Obviously you haven’t even tried WP7 or even watched the video, because the tile stuff can slide away to leave you with standard windows underneath which works with standard pc controls. Also if you read the details on the plan, you can see that the whole OS is built around greatly improved interface controls and I’d bet that they include some of the stuff going on in the MS research labs on their surface side of things

      This is the first real overhaul to the WinOS interface since win95, It’s sad that people like you have to try and badmouth something that you haven’t even used yet and is trying to radically reshape how it works.

    • I dissagree about the corp comment, I am looking foward to the potential control through group policy & the likes, it will great to present users with just what they need but allow them to drop back to a file system as needed.

    • If you actually watch to the end you can see a very W7 looking UI, complete with Start Menu and Task bar.

      I’m actually quite excited about this. Good on them for trying something a bit different.

    • This is Just awesome. Like WP7 broke all bariers and came out with completely new design, which is still not digestable for Android and apple fans. the same way Win8. awesome UI. easy to use. just cool, effecient & fast..!!

  • I’m a frequent windows user primarily because.. All the support is here, I can’t play most of my games or run most of my programs on Linux… I’d need to settle for some piece of MAC in a box solution if I wanted to go OSX (which I don’t).

    I agree with Stewart, Windows should overhaul their interface to be more intuitive. Seriously, lots of video games have better GUI & Linux has more features.

    • If the whole tile thing works like my WP7 then W8 should be very very slick.

      It’s about time they did something about the Windows OS.

      Can honestly say that whether the tiles are good or bad, this is the first windows os that has made me think ‘Now, I want to try it Now!’. 😀

      • Yeah, what does Windows 8 basic look like? I don’t have a multicore CPU with 16 Gigabytes of RAM and a SSD Flash Drive! Will it run may games.

        • the run requirements are very very very low. a humble net book can run the full blown OS from what I understood of another article I read. unless the article i read was totally off the mark, its requirements are less than wp7.

          Im curious what they took out of wp7 to get windows 8.

  • So basically they’ve updated the Media Centre screens and using it as an alternate UI depending on which device it works best on?

    Um? Just makes sense tbh; why hype it so much – it’s just a UI. If Windows is as unwieldy to run on those other platforms as it is at the moment then it will still fail to gain toeholds.

    I’m not sure shoehorning a desktop OS onto a tablet/netbook is still the best idea…

    • This is for LG – YOU.

      If Apple does something stupid it’s called Idea. if Android does something (actually nothing new) then it’s called inovation, but if MS does such an awesome job why this cry? W8 has an awesome UI with tredetional look too (as an option), stable & FAST. come out of Apple Or Android (besically Linux shell – their days are gone 🙂 )

  • Gee I think some of you guys are being a little hard. This GUI really looks kinda neat and intuitive.

    I know it’s trendy to beat on MS but I suspect there is a bit of OSX rage mixed in with some of these comments. If Apple had released it ‘magical’, ‘revolutionary’, ‘dreamlike’, would be in common use by posters.

    Don’t get me wrong. I have a MBA, 2 win7 boxes, 3 ‘nix boxes including a ubuntu and I think this is the biggest GUI advancement I have seen in a long time.

  • Yes, this all looks nice, but what I want to know is:

    Will it run that Windows 3.1 application that I’ve built my multi-billion dollar industry around? The way of the future involves bowing to my every desire because I’m unable to let go of my application that does little more than present my data in a way that I’m comfortable with.

    But that aside (notice, I didn’t say jokes aside, because I know companies like that), I am really excited for this new release. It’s just my hope that people take full advantage of these tiles, and not just make tired old programs, like those sidebar gadgets.

  • Love my WP7, and can’t wait for this new OS. M$ has finally realized (although some of the M$haters offering their comments above clearly have not) that mobile computing is everything, and that desktops will come to occupy an ever diminishing niche. Apple figured it out some time ago, and M$ is late to the party as usual. Nevertheless, M$ appears to be getting their game on. Given that you can disable the Metro UI and go to a more traditional desktop UI, devices with W8 will be be readily switchable between consumption and true development devices. This means that all form factors win and with heavy cloud integration, transitions between M$ devices should be next to seamless. Finally, an OS I can look forward to that’s not just living on my phone.

  • Good to see Microsoft coming out with something different, rather than just updating the same UI since Win95. The thing that caught my attention was programming for W8 can be done through HTML5 and Javascript. This will be music to HP’s ears with WebOS….HP just have to start getting their act together and get product out the door!

  • This better not use my computer’s hardware anymore than win7 does. While I have never used an OS beside the Windows platform, this looks clunky for a PC, for a phone or tablet it might be amazing, but so much space is taken up for glorified icons.

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