Windows 8 To Include Built-In PDF Reader

Windows 8 To Include Built-In PDF Reader

Odds are good that Windows 8 is coming in 2012, which means lots of interesting information is starting to leak out regarding what we can expect.

The latest: rumour has it Windows 8 will finally have a built-in PDF reader, called Modern Reader. Microsoft has had good (antitrust) reasons to avoid built-in PDF tools in the past, but if we’re lucky, we’re all moving past that. [Within Windows]


  • It’s not exactly antitrust reasons, it’s because Adobe decided that Microsoft was the one exception to the world having free access to “open PDF”. That’s why Save As PDF in Office had to be implemented as a separate downloadable plugin.

    Adobe may not have a clue how to maintain the code for its own PDF software but it sure as hell didn’t want to lose all of its cash cow so readily. Noticeably when Microsoft took up Adobe’s declaration that PDF was an open format, it appealed to the :European: regulators since they love fining Microsoft.

  • Fantastic this is. Theres no good PDF readers for windows. All we want is a damn reader, we dont want all that extra 9999MB of junk theyre cramming in. Alternative readers like Foxit are still pretty crap too, especially in the install where you have to untick all the crapware and toolbars theyre trying to install.

    • Install Google Chrome then. It’s easily the simplest and fastest pdf reader you can get and it gets rid of another application that you need to keep up-to-date, Adobe flash player. Two birds with one stone.

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