Grooveshark Now Works In Any Browser

Streaming music service Grooveshark has ditched its use of Flash and dumped most of its regional restrictions, meaning you can now access it using virtually any browser or device. That's good news for iOS users in particular.

The main benefit of the new non-Flash approach is that it enables access on previously unsupported devices, most notably the iPhone. (There is a Grooveshark iOS app, but it only works on jailbroken devices.) Grooveshark continues to offer apps, including its recently-updated Android client.

Grooveshark has long been available to Australian users, so the broadened international availability isn't so notable. It doesn't work absolutely everywhere: the UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Brazil are still blocked, presumably due to licensing issues in those countries.

Check out our comparison of streaming music services in Australia to size Grooveshark up against its rivals. Grooveshark and Spotify are the only subscription services with a free offering (though that means putting up with ads).


    I've always used grooveshark in Italy. I'm not sure it is legal there, but it is not blocked :)

    Grooveshark on my iphone. Oh baby!

    Grooveshark has been testing for a few months. It works really well.

    ehhhh, I much prefer spotify anyway. I just use grooveshark at work as facebook is blocked making my spotify account basically non functional.

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