Grooveshark For Android Returns To Google Play With Free Streaming Radio

Android: Streaming music service Grooveshark has made a triumphant return to the Play Store after being booted over copyright issues. Grooveshark has worked with Google to resolve those issues and is now offering genre-based or song-based internet radio for free.

The new app comes pre-packaged with about 20 stations. If you hear a song you like, you can start a station based on it, and Grooveshark will tailor the station to your preferences based on the songs you give a thumbs up or skip altogether. Signing up to be a Grooveshark Anywhere user for $US9 per month gets you even more goodies, including access to your Grooveshark favourites and library, offline playback and shareable playlists.

The old version of Grooveshark — the one you had to sideload yourself — also offered these premium features, but it lacked free internet radio and required you to have an Anywhere account just to use the app.

Grooveshark [Google Play via Android Police]


    Item not found on Google play...

    Download it direct from Works but not sure if it is the right version.

    Looks like its been pulled again?

    aaaaannd its gone

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