WinGrooves Is A Desktop GrooveShark Player For Windows

WinGrooves Is A Desktop GrooveShark Player For Windows

Windows: WinGrooves brings GrooveShark to your Windows desktop without forcing you to install Adobe AIR, gives you complete control over Grooveshark library search and playback, and lets you control the player with customisable hotkeys or the media keys on your keyboard.

If our post yesterday about GrooveShark Desktop for Mac OS made you a little jealous, WinGrooves can make it better. The app works much like the official GrooveShark Desktop application: you can still minimise it to the systray, control your Grooveshark playlists and search the library without keeping a browser window open, and even share songs on Facebook and Twitter. Still, it is support for global hotkeys and media keys that really makes WinGrooves stand out. Best of all, the app is completely free.

Have you tried WinGrooves, or do you have another preferred desktop app for GrooveShark? Let us know in the comments. Thanks IronDoctorChris!



  • I currently have the Grooveshark Chrome app pinned to my desktop, with an extension that disables ads. I’m pretty sure there’s an extension that will enable hotkeys too(although I haven’t looked super hard). From what I can see WinGrooves isn’t going to persuade me to switch.

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