Clean Stains Out Of Your Coffee Mug With Bicarb Soda

If you drink a lot of coffee, you probably have some nice brown rings in your coffee cups, even after washing them. You can clean those stains out with a bit of baking soda (aka bicarb) and water.

Photo by Admiller.

Redditor SandRider explains one of his favourite household tips:

If you have coffee or tea stains in your mug you just sprinkle a tiny bit of baking soda in there and just a little water — doesn't even have to make a paste — wipe it around with a finger or sponge. Totally clean.

Supposedly, you can also use something like Tang that has lots of citric acid, or the ever-useful vinegar to do the same thing. Once you've got it clean, make sure you wash it regularly as soon as you're done drinking to keep those stubborn stains from showing up again, too.

Clean Stains Out of Your Coffee Mug with Baking Soda [Reddit]


    Salt works too.

    Choosing the right cup also helps. I find certain cup interiors will stain far worse than others. I like my hand made grumblebum mug best personally.. !#]

    Coca Cola. Let it sit in the cup for a couple of minutes and wipe it down. Stains will come right off. some stains may need a bit longer though.

      Would have though Coke would have enough caffeine to exacerbate the problem, but I don't drink Coke so I'll take your word for it! #]

    Scourers work too.
    Have people forgotten about them?
    It just takes a little extra elbow-grease. I drink coffee all the time, and I buy cheap crappy mugs, and no-name scourers, and I've had no stains...ever.

    And for the record, I have cleaned horribly stained mugs too. Scourers work EVERY time.

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