Clean Stains From Your Coffee Mug With Salt

Clean Stains From Your Coffee Mug With Salt

Embarrassed in your workplace by your horrendously stained coffee mug? Get it sparkling again with a little salt and a paper towel.

Picture by admiller

Reader Kym wrote in to sing the praises of this approach:

Just a little tip I picked up in the staff kitchen when a colleague peered into the brown abyss of my coffee mug, stained by centuries of black, boiling beverages. She said I should sprinkle some salt in there, then scrub it with a paper towel. Simple, quick, unbelievably effective. The coarseness of the salt had it sparkling as new in less than a minute.

We’ve pointed out that you can get similar results using bicarb soda. I’m also inclined to agree with another commenter on that earlier post: provided you’re using a decent scourer, you don’t necessarily need any special ingredients to clean a cup. It just takes more than a cursory wipe to do it. That said, the salt plus paper towel combo can be useful when the office scourer has disappeared. Thanks Kym!


    • Yuk!
      nothing like the after taste of detergent to make the brew taste just… yuk!! 🙂
      I’ve banned anyone from using soap on my brew cup, it’s a household rule 🙂

  • Well I do rinse.

    And could I also add that the cup, if we’re not allowed to call it a mug, in the image is not stained. Try drinking black tea and you’ll soon find out what a stained cup is. The cup in the image is months, if not years, away from requiring a clean.

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